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March 16, 2008

Recreational real estate offers people their own vacation spot and is potentially a great investment

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In residential real estate markets around the country defaulted home owners, banks, and other sectors of the industry have been trying to reel in this current housing market situation.  People in some places are upside down, mortgage brokers have gone out of business, and the list goes on. Recreational real estate markets offer something a little different for investors. In the rocky mountains, on the beaches of oceans, lakes, etc.,  there is a demand for destination properties. Sellers in these markets often times have owned for a number of years, have stable loans, and some even outright own their property. You have people with all types of financial situations in any real estate market, but typically the sellers in recreational markets enjoy their property and will hold a little firmer on price. Many have the attitude they will keep enjoying their property until someone comes along and buys it. This factor not only has the potential of keeping prices stronger but it also keeps up demand.  There is a limited supply of nice land tracts available in recreational areas. I specialize in recreational real estate in the Southern Utah mountains. I watch the news and really don’t relate to the gloom and doom in the media. I am still busy working with buyers and sellers. This time of year is actually busier than it usually is. Many people have contacted me and expressed their interest of touring properties this spring, summer, and fall. This year is looking like it is going to be a hot one for cool mountain getaway property near Las Vegas, Nevada.  Now is a great time to tour properties in this area. Early spring offers buyers first picks on the years selection of listings in the mountains before the summer season. If you have been thinking of a cool summer getaway like a cabin at the lake or a condo on the slopes, visit and learn more about this real estate market and the services I offer.     

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