Summer has hit Duck Creek

Temperatures are warming up into the 60s and low 70s. Summer is here. Afternoon rain and thunderstorms are popping up and the weather seems to change on a dime. Fishing has been good so far this year and the aspen trees are finally in bloom. Real estate sales have been picking up with low prices and interest rates there are some deals that just can’t be passed up right now. With the rest of the nation’s markets starting to turn, this area is offering a small window in which there are some great opportunities. Brian Head, Panguitch Lake, Cedar City, and the surrounding areas all have something for just about any buyer. Summer is our selling season on Cedar Mountain when people want to get out of the heat and congestion of the city. This year is turning out to be no different than previous years despite the media’s attempt to scare people into ratings. Home sales have been going up in California and Southern Nevada over the last two months and I expect that trend to continue. If you have been looking for a cabin, condo, trailer lot, or even a campsite, then come take a look at what beautiful Cedar Mountain has to offer. For more information visit

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