Real Estate investing in today’s market

The real estate bubble has burst and the market is primed for investors with low rates and a competitive inventory. So why aren’t more investing? When prices were sky high people were waiting in line and many of those people werent any better off than they are now. People move and thing in a mass group as a certain way except for a few. The few that dont follow the pack are capitalizing on todays great market. With the influx of money into the economy some experts believe a big inflationary period is coming and if thats the case those who are buying rentals and income property at todays low rates will be happy they did in 5-10 or however many years it takes to hit if it does. As far as luxury properties go, the low end is selling but higher end properties are still in a lull. This could be that many believe they still have room to drop and the higher the price tag, the bigger the risk. Either way there are some great deals out there right now in today’s real estate market.

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