Markets are looking better

With fewer listings, higher sale prices, and an increased volume of buyers, real estate markets across the region are recovering and motivated buyers looking for the fantastic foreclosure deals may have waited to long. St George is recovering faster than any other area in Southern Utah. Cedar City has seen some new construction and fewer foreclosures over the last year. The mountain areas have virtually no foreclosures and very few short sales, most sales are private sales. So if your interested in Southern Utah real estate, interest rates are still low and now is a good time to take advantage of that. As the market comes back, there is lots of potential for future gains and years of enjoyment. Purchasing property in this area  is an investment in a lifestyle. There is so much outdoor recreation in this area combined with great weather and a close proximity to Las Vegas, Southern Utah is becoming one of the best destinations for retirement and families in the country. Learn more about this area at

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